Nail Art

If you are looking to create fantastic nails that are a bit different, go for some nail art. With just a few accessories you can create any look you like.


Brushes and Tools

There are a range of brushes for different usage:

Fan brushes used for airbrush effects and streaks; a mixture of paints on this brush create gradient effects.

Angled nail art brushes are used to draw intricate designs and are perfect for creating slants and angles.

Flat brushes are used for intricate work such as drawing flowers, shells, and bell shapes.

Striper brushes are long with few bristles and can come in various lengths to give the widest possible range of striping options. They are ideal for drawing long smooth lines. For thicker lines use more polish and a thicker striper brush.

Flat cat tongued brush  a flat brush with hairs that form a fine pointed tip can be used to apply acrylic softer and smoother with one brush stroke and to do fine detail work.

Fine round pointed brush gives great control for wonderful designs.

Dotter Tool  makes dots but also stripes and marbling too. Double ended dotters give you have a choice of creating different sized dots. Use it to create dots for flowers, polka dots or paw prints and the small end can be used for swirling nail varnish to create a marbled effect.

Tweezers for lifting and placing delicate nail decorations, stickers or gems.

Nail Art Paint

Nail art paints have an acrylic base so that they can be mixed to create new colours and may be thinned with water. Any tools used with acrylic paint will need acetone to remove the acrylic from the bristles.clean your brushes  Make sure that you rinse the brush thoroughly, then regularly and wash them in mild soap or shampoo cleaning the ferrule as well as the brush fibres.

Gems and Rhinestones

Nails can be decorated with small rhinestones in a variety of shapes including flower, heart shaped, vshaped, Swarovksi Crystals and glass beads which are often supplied in small bags, jars or wheels. These adornments can be used over Gel or Acrylic enhancements as well as the natural nail. Crushed shells can also be incorporated into Gel or Acrylic nail designs.

Nail Stickers & Nail Wrap Stickers

Nail stickers can create amazing nail art with many floral or fun designs to choose from. They can be used on the natural nail as well as on any type of nail enhancement. All you have to do is select a design, place it on the nail and press down. A layer of topcoat or art nail sealer will finish the job.

If you want to cover the whole nail with a design then use nail wraps. These are large stickers and will enable you to create fantastic designs in minutes. Advantages of using these over nail polish are that they do not require drying time and will not smudge or chip. Use a top coat to seal the nail art which can be used on natural, acrylic or gel nails.


Another exciting idea for artificial nails is to use dangles, small charms often decorated with rhinestones. A piercing tool or nail drill is required to pierce the top of the nail and the dangle is attached by a hook which is inserted into the hole

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