Mens Hair Styles


 Hairstyles have twisted and turned over the decades with styles that usually trend with how celebrities style their hair. Here are some of the popular styles.

Buzz Cut and Crew Cut

A short hair style provides a practical and low maintenance haircut which is most suitable for those with a strong, square face type. It was the style adopted for military personnel mainly for uniformity and for being hassle free. The style is usually achieved with the use of electric clippers producing a uniform short length or the top may be left longer and the back and sides tapered as in a crew cut. Another variation is the flattop where the hair on top of the head is standing upright and cut to form a flat top.


The iconic Quiff has been a popular hairstyle for many years combining elements of the 1950s pompadour and flattop hairstyles and the Mohawk. Elvis Presley popularised the quiff in the 1950s with his high shine, smartly slicked hair and John Travolta’s hair was styled into a curly quiff in the movie Grease in the 1980’s. More recently many celebrities have adopted versions of this style including David Beckham, George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake and David Gandy. For a more up to date look on this classic style the hair is cut shorter at the back and sides with plenty of length on the top; this will give a dramatic look.

Man Bun and Top Knot

Long hair is not for every man but can look god on some thought it needs proper care and a good cut to keep it looking at its best. Aim for a relaxed, tousled look or try an on trend style much favoured by celebrities such as a “man bun” or “top knot”. A beard goes great with these hairstyles too.
To make a man bun you will need to grow your hair to about 10 inches then you can gather it all together, including sides and back, then tie it in a bun at the back of the top of the head. Many different looks can be achieved from the office appropriate look to a wild, disheveled look.
A top knot is a bun that uses the hair on the top of the head only and hair should be about 6 inches in length. Men usually have an undercut hairstyle with a top knot where the hair on the sides and back of the head is cut shorter to emphasize the top knot.

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