Turkish Towels and their Amazing Versatility

I’ve pretty much been in love with Turkish towels since my sister introduced me to SAMMIMIS Turkish Towels about a year ago. Whether I’m at the beach or relaxing in the garden at home, you’ll see me rocken a Turkish towel in some way.

Turkish Towel

In fact it is their amazing versatility that has caused me to fall in love with them. I’m finding new and fun uses for them everyday, here are just a few;

Amazing Blankets.

Picnic blanket – With their vibrant colours they make excellent picnic blankets. Trade up fro your drab blanket to one that will make your picnic space come alive.


Baby blanket an breast feeding cover. Not only are they soft and thin, but they look good too. Easy to wash and keep clean; their colours will stay vibrant through most heavy use but will stay soft.

Actually any kind of blanket, whether its for sitting on or snuggling under, Turkish towels mean you can do it all in style.


Wearing: the options are endless…

Turkish towels are thin enough to be used a a scarf. With so many amazing colours this is one of my favourite ways to use mine.

If its a little cooler you can turn your scarf into a trendy shoulder wrap by draping it over both shoulders.

If I’m at the beach I’m pretty much going to rock my Turkish towel “Sarong Style”. Use them to dry off then wrap them around your waist and you can live in your bikinis all summer.Turkish Towel Scarf

Turkish Towel as a Sarong

And of course, as a towel.

They are the ideal towel with their quick drying capacity, whether it is at the beach or as a bath towel SAMMIMIS Turkish towels live up to their name – visit them at www.sammimis.com.au/.